An Ending Song

An Ending Song

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Liner Notes: 

Thanks, @corinne54, for regularly hosting these Sunday skirmishes!
(This is not really my ending song - I still have two more to share!)


So many songs about coming to the end of the line
This one’s different because it’s mine
So many songs about the road coming to an end
Well here’s one more to say farewell my friend

so many songs about leaving and not coming back
Let’s leave that door open even if only a crack
So many songs about a bittersweet ending
But this one is short cause my neglected garden needs tending
Every ending is also a beginning

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I hate this year to be over. I enjoy so many other's songs and I have learned so much. This should be a national treasure! So sweet.

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Such a sweet sounding song with the uke and your sweet vocal. It is that time when we start writing goodbye songs. But I like yours a lot. That second line had me smiling, but the whole song is a good one to hear.

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Good write on the prompt. Right now my garden needs watering. This year's success; got asparagus started!

I've enjoyed skirmishing with you my friend. See ya around.

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Lovely gentle reflection on endings and moving on with a wonderful hopeful ending to the song!

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Yup thats yours! Nice one. Oh ok i will leave the door ajar!

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Looking at the lyrics...I especially like my neglected garden needs tending. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. uke...vocals many songs about love coming to the end of time...can clearly understand the lyrics....farewell my friend...nice uke playing. And every evening is also a beginning. I like singing and playing as well. Fairly fast shuffling...I'm playing it again...3/4 time...yes, pretty good and easy to listen to it...enjoyed it again. Nice job Chip.

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ha ha @ short cus you need to garden ! Cute one Smile I enjoyed the rhythm and energy in this, and that wee geetar sound Smile