Tony and Anita

Tony and Anita

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Liner Notes: 

I only got the drums and guitar down in skirmish time with a few lyric ideas and the melody in my head.. but it was a bit of an earworm and the few lyrics i had bubbled away so i finished it out of skirmishing time.


every friday night he meets her
she gets off the train and he greets her
they go into town and he treats her
to a wood fired oven baked pizza

and every friday night tony
orders a massive calzone
with double cheese and pepperoni
washed down with a bottle of peroni

not a bit like anita
who is quite a fussy eater
a nine inch thin crust will beat her
and she only ever orders margherita

when she catches the last train he will kiss her
tell her how much he will miss her
oh tony and anita
pepperoni margherita

oh tony pepperoni
oh anita margherita
oh tony pepperoni
oh anita margherita

and next friday he will meet her
when she gets off the train he will greet her
they'll go into town and he will treat her
to a nine inch thin crust margherita

tony and anita

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I like this story. And your melody, drums and vocal delivery keep me smiling throughout. Those rhymes are delicious... and the pizza sounds delicious, too.

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This is deliciously delightful in all respects! Love that play on words with:
tony pepperoni
anita margherita
Very clever, creative, and fun story of love and the pizza parlor!

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Starts as a sort of play on waterloo sunset then moves into a food fest ! Both are winners for me!

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This is really nice. The music is catchy and yes, it's an earworm if I ever heard one. But you've also got a great idea here, Tony and Anita and the pizzas, and managed to flesh it out in a wonderful way. It's fascinating how you develop the melody and make it simpler, too. The inventive rhyming gets the attention but there is also a love story to give it warmth and structure. Very well done skirmish or not. Smile

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Fantastic rhyming and wordplay and wonderfully delivered. This is a superb effort.

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These have to be some of the most satisfying rhymes I've heard all summer; the coupling of "Tony" and "Calzone" is priceless. The "oo-er-missus" potential of the last stanza being a metaphor for something else might occur to other people, but not to me. No, not for one minute. Biggrin

This one's definitely a keeper!