'A Happy End'

'A Happy End'

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Liner Notes: 

Host: Corinne
Prompt: end or ending.
Thank you Corinne for your inspiring theme. Just the lyrics from me. It's about a person who thinks it's kind to promise something but then forgets about the promise as if it never happened. My lyrics are losely based on a true story when my then friend said to me that she knows many people who would be delighted to publish my music and that I will be having a difficult choice who to go with as there would be so many who would be interested. Our kids were in the same class and she was listening to my music and saying how much she liked it. This was 10 years ago. Of course nothing happened regarding publishing. I didn't break our friendship though, we just naturally went our separate ways when our kids went to different secondary schools. I can't say I was as angry as it comes through in the lyrics but it was an initial idea to use the empty promise for this skirmish prompt.

It will be great if someone feels inspired to create music, sing, play. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you for reading and commenting.


A Happy End
Lyrics © 2019 Nadia Cripps

Why did you have to promise?
I didn't ask you to
You knew you couldn't do it, please be honest
You gave me hopes, look what you've put me through

I'm the one who has to do it now
You're nowhere seen, you've disappeared in a thin air
Perhaps you thought you were kind somehow
But your action is real wrong and it's unfair

I'm more cross with myself then ever
I should have sensed you couldn't be trusted, why did I believe you?
I don't know how to be clever
And see clearly who is who

Go on, enjoy your ride
One day you'll see no one will believe you
As for me, our friendship died
So don't come back, out of the blue

Goodbye forever my false friend
I wouldn't miss you, that's for sure
To lose you is a happy end
I've finally found my real cure

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Welcome to the music business. Know that your music is worthy and I hope it goes out to the world. I've enjoyed skirmishing with you my friend.

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A very pointed lyric and interesting divergence. Well done on the skirmish!

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"To lose you is a happy end" - Now that is a very clear and strong, unexpected - and brilliant, line. It says so much. It's hard when someone - specifically a friend - promises something and doesn't deliver. I hope you know that your music is beautiful and beloved by many here, Nadia

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It's great how life events can spring the see of an idea for us, and we can use them to grow into larger 'stories' and emotions. Let me know if this gets musicated please Smile

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I think most of us might have been in a similar situation but, you have conveyed it so very well. Your music is worth a million bucks, by the way!

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Love this pointed lyric! Easy to relate to, unfortunately! The last two stanzas really drive the sentiment home. Great take on the skirmish!

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This is really relatable lyric. I think that everyone had one of those friends at one moment in their life