Hamster Parade (The Fake Band Name Tune)

Hamster Parade (The Fake Band Name Tune)

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Liner Notes: 

The best ideas appear while cycling. Here's an instrumental sketch I did not know what to do with until the steady pedalling through a forest made me think of the "Fake Band Names" Forum and especially the Hamster band names.
Have a look at Page 10 http://fiftyninety.fawmers.org/content/fake-band-name-abba?page=10 to see whose creative mind came up with those hamster band names that I used as lyrics: @Fuzzy, @Valerie Cox, @LadyRed, @TomS, @barbara

I also used some sounds from the great website https://freesound.org/ including some wild boar etc. Don't ask...


Alpha Hamster Squad
Bad Hamster
Can't Hamster It
Damp Hamster
Englebert Hamsterdink
Frog vs. Hamster
Galloping Hamster
Rabid Hamster
Season of the Hamster
Touch The Hamster
Under The Hamster
Violent Hamster
Wonderful Electric Hamster
Xavier The Singing Hamster
Yvette and The Hamster
Zebra Hamster Power

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Hahaha I love this!!
The robot voices are gold, and the sound effects are hilarious!
This track makes me want to move; perhaps it will be the next international dance hit?!?
I like it when inspiration drops out of the sky and in to your lap like that.
Well done!!

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What a wild memento of the forum activity! Never met a more deliriously fashioned meta-song!!

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That is a freaking great rocking back tack. And the hamster band names are just hilarious. Smile