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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish Early Addition 9/29/2019 "Play"



I play my guitar all day long
I always have to sing a song
Yet I'm not trained to sing
I just do my thing
Sometimes it sounds alright
Sometimes I want to hide
When I play my acoustic guitar
My cat runs out of the room with scars

Today we play
This fine day in September
Just need pay day
Another song to remember

A friend suggest that I should play
No problem brother so many things to say
I can tell stories of the cows coming home
Blinking red light missed some phones
I can tell stories of people in hell getting water
With every swallow they get hotter
But I'm just focus on play
5 more minutes and it be that way

My typical bridge does not surprise you
It's one thing that I do when I play
B7 always works on all of my songs
I play that chord on every wrong
Ooh play, ooh play, yeah yeah yeah play

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. Your lyrics sound great. Your guitar sounds awesome.

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I was hoping for a meta-performance song. Well done on the skirmish!

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No reason to hide today. Voice sounds good. This is a fun tale you tell. Good job. Cats can be funny that way.

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I always like to hear your voice. Great skirmish and I doubt your cat runs away not to hear you! Nice!

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This sounds great! I love the laid back easy going feel and the conversational tone that you deliver the lyrics. The bridge is funny and fantastic! It seemed to cut off abruptly - maybe it is my device.