Play With Me Today

Play With Me Today

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Liner Notes: 

The theme for the two yoga classes I thought this morning was "play," and I thought that would be a good skirmish prompt, too.
From the point of view of a kid.


Sun comes up on my quiet street
Another day for me to greet
Step outside, hope I see
You in the garden waving at me

Oh won’t you play with me today
Let’s run around what do you say?
Oh won’t you play with me today
Only I can see you
And that’s OK

In the woods, down by the creek
we’ll take turns at hide and seek
Folks will pass by and smile at me
think I’m alone up in a tree

Oh won’t you play with me today
pick some flowers for a boquet
Oh won’t you play with me today
don’t let the world get in our way

Oh won’t you play with me today
Some might call this child’s play
for as long as you can stay
oh won’t you play with me today

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This is wonderful from a child's POV. Thank for the prompt and hosting Smile

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Looking at the lyrics...ah yes, a special neighbor. Yes, come play with me...only I can see. Hide and Seek. Upgraded to flowers for adults. Nice write Chip...I'm ready for the audio...hold. Guitar...harmonica...vocals now...on my quiet street another day for me to great...can clearly understand the lyrics...percussion on the guitar...shuffle guitar sound...only I can see you that's ok...harp...woods, down by the creek...hide and seek...Oh won't you play with me today? Harp...some might call this childs play for as long as you can stay oh won't you play with me today...harp and out. Nice job on this Chip, I like it a lot.

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A wonderful playful song. You captured that childhood imaginary playmate perfectly. Great job.
Thanks for hosting.

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A playful prompt and a wonderfully playful song! So enjoyed this!

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This is delightfully nostalgic with the innocence of childhood play times where neighborhood children would play for endless hours outside. Nice harmonica and guitar body slaps to complement the strum. As always wonderful vocals.

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Beautiful song Chip. Very nice lyrics and delivery, dedication, singing and instrumentation. Your song is wonderful to listen to and it leaves a gorgeous sweet feel of the magic of childhood.