We Are Done With Waiting (morph song)

We Are Done With Waiting (morph song)

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Liner Notes: 

This is a morph of @barbara's "Dancer's In The Dark".

I was captivated by her extended 11th chord progressions. So that is the 50% that I kept for this morph song. I was further inspired by the speech of Greta Thunberg to the United Nations. So I lifted a great deal of it into my lyrics.

I haven't written a social protest song in a while so lots of fun!


The gauntlet is down as darkness approaches
You are gambling with our futures
And all you talk about is economic wonders
Life on our planet is dying
We are done with waiting

On the verge of total collapse
As we begin our mass extinction
What do you tell your offspring?
There can be no usual business
Can't you hear what science is telling us

the handwriting's on the wall
You are failing all of us
Others are joining our call
We are done with waiting
Stand up and face the truth

We are done with waiting
We are done with waiting
We are done with waiting

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So nice, Mike!
I love the translation of those chords to the instrument you chose. Like bells. There’s an almost haunting and suspenseful quality to the song. Your lyric brings forth the directness, the confrontation and lament of that speech, and ‘We are done with waiting’ rings out as words to be taken seriously. Awesome vocals too! The inspiration really shows.