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Liner Notes: 

It's all true, every word of it.



The humble mains adaptor is a very useful thing
I've built up a collection through the years
But finding the right one to use when batteries run out
is not the simple task that it appears

"How many volts are needed?" the first question you must ask
and never treat the answer as a joke
Too few will mean your gadget is unequal to the task
Too many will let out the magic smoke

And also check what current your device will tolerate
Supply it with no more than it can use
Bursting into flames a sign that it may be too late
To realise you need a smaller fuse

The type of the connector is the final thing to check -
and is its centre positive or not?
...which is the point you realise that, for your latest tech
the adaptor that you need, you haven't got

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Well I can’t wait for the music. I have a box or two of these power supplies. Because you never know when you’ll need 24.5 volts delivered on some weird proprietary connector, right?

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I don't know, for me the lyrics demand a full blown country treatment... Smile
Can't wait for your take on it also