The Relaxation Prayer

The Relaxation Prayer

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Liner Notes: 

I was at a party tonight, where the roar of fifty simultaneous individual conversations in an acoustically cruel environment was more than I could handle, given that I have already been having a hard time decompressing from work pressures. I stole away to a small waiting area where there was soft, quiet furniture to hide away in, and I opened up the skirmish thread to find this prompt: Relax. The rest was history!

Just got home to type this up. I won't set it to music until tomorrow, and comments tomorrow too.

It's in 3/4, so BONUS POINTS!! But mostly it's that invisible box of moonlight that I'm excited about, lol!

Thanks, Liz!

EDIT: lyric was skirmished; recording took a big chunk of Sunday morning (with garageband instruments played in preset patterns)


The Relaxation Prayer

Give me the strength to relax
to let go of problems
and panic attacks
To recognize errands that
really can wait
‘til later, or never,
to clean off my plate
oh give me the strength to relax

Give me the strength to relax
to say “No” and stop that train
right in its tracks
To delegate duties
I wish weren’t mine
that optional suffering
wasting my time
oh give me the strength to relax

The reflex of guilt is so strong…
It always assumes that I’m wrong…
If a reasonable person
examined my schedule
they’d tell me I’ve
waited too long…

Give me the strength to relax
Not with alcohol
or sugar-filled snacks
To take a deep breath---
and a deeper exhale
with legs up the wall
where there’s no way to fail
with a lavender eye-pillow.
chanting in stereo,
to give myself over to chill...
please just give me the strength to relax,
oh give me the strength to relax,
please Give … me… the strength ….. to relax

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what a great lyric! lots of truth in there, and love the little details! (and i used the 'box of moonlight' idea in my skirmish, btw)

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Wonderful perspective, well crafted.
Honest feeling and relatable.
It is often had hard, and seems increasingly more difficulty, to grant oneself permission to relax and let go of the obligations we feel we must fulfill.

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Totally in love with this lyric and can't wait to hear it! It is relaxing even to read it!

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Oh this wonderful! Thanks for letting me know. I love it!

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What a deft balance of gentle loveliness and self-knowing humor. It is VERY relatable. Glad you picked this meter - the lilting rhythm underscores the relaxation so well!