Relax (a box of moonlight)

Relax (a box of moonlight)

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Liner Notes: 

This was a skirmish, where you were provided with a theme or title (in this case, relax) and a few other instructions and had to write and record within an hour.

I looked at the entire skirmish post for inspiration here, which suggested a 3/4 or 6/8 time, and said the prize, among other things, might be a 'box of moonlight'. from there it was written and recorded very fast indeed.. less then an hour from start to finish.



Sit back, relax,
The box will arrive
Floating downstream, slowly
It will make you feel alive

Your happiness guaranteed
It’ll be just what you need
A box of moonlight
A box of moonlight
A box of moonlight
Turn your darkness to light

Lie down, close your eyes
The box will appear
Travelling thru the mountains
Climbing your highest fears

You’ll be a satisfied customer
Forget about the person that you were
A box of moonlight
A box of moonlight
A box of moonlight
Make your shadows shine on

Don’t speak, don’t think
The box is on its way
Nothing more to be done
There’s nothing to say

You’ll be newly enlightened
Senses newly heightened
A box of moonlight
A box of moonlight
A box of moonlight
Will be all that you need

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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I guess we've listened to a certain Beatles song -- along with plenty of Robert Hunter lyrics! Nice Americana mystic thing you've got going on here. I dig the shining shadows for sound and imagery.

Ha, wild ending!

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I love the flow of this song and the strum pattern and percussion you used. I’m delighted that you used the prize in your lyric - many extra bonuses point for that. I love the sound you achieved here a lot - perfect for the lyric.

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Ooooh the direction this took and the vocals are perfect. A wonderful tune to cross the finish line with. Congratulations!

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I love it! This is highly original, in so many aspects. What a fine chord progression, and the instrumentation is a treat! I especially enjoyed the bgv humming bits between sections. Way to go!! Downloaded.