Bones of Obstruction

Bones of Obstruction

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host jwhanberry
prompt obstruction, meeting, avoiding, confronting, overcoming

Obstruction makes me angry!

Guitars: '94 Fender Mexi-Telecaster
Amp:'78 Marshall Mk II
Note: Skirmish: 1 hour to write and record


Bones of Obstruction

Get outa my face
Get back in your place
I'm on your case
When I'm done with you
There won't be a trace
Of obstruction

Leave me alone
Get out of my zone
Your cover is blown
When I get through
There'll be nothin' but bones
Of obstruction

You're like a voodoo curse
You go from bad to worse
You're far beyond perverse
One day soon you'll be ridin' in a hearse
No more obstruction

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All Rights Reserved

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This sounds cathartic! Great sung-spoken delivery. Very fun effects. I like the drum breaks, too.

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Looking at the lyrics...Obstruction, I'm gonna tell you what! Next we have a series of blown, bones, zone, alone rhymes really nicely. Obstruction is now named a voodoo curse. lol...a-ridin' in a hearse. Yeah, I'm liking all these lyrics and I laugh yet fully understand the situation of turning this information into rock music...sounds like a fun journey...see you there. Oh, and it's because it's Obstruction...reminds me of that allstate dude. Here we go...hold. count in rock groove...vocals...can clearly understand the lyrics...Obstruction...your cover is blown...Jet taking off....there is the electronic thing you mentioned in your bio...back into guitar jam....ridin' in a hearst. I thought it sounds pretty good. Laptop speakers this time. I think the guitars took a bit of hit because of the electronic movement and that's fine as everybody knows you can play a doubt about it.