The Bench

The Bench

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish Sunday Late Addition ss092819j "Bench" 9/28/2019




I like sitting here with you on this bench
you happen to be my favorite wench
always pleasant year with you
sitting on a bench for two

I met you two months ago walking the dog
right here in this park dog meets dog
that was my opening to say hello
quickly found that you play the cello
next thing I know you’re a record producer
trying to figure out which way I would seduce her
you said can you handle my busy life
I told you you're are too busy to be my wife


Now we sing and play songs every day
it's the kind of relationship I wanted it that way
you have the skills and talents and drive
you can't be tricked by those other guys
but haven't you know when my dog is a shit ass
that we would gel so quickly and so fast?
So we come out here to sit on this bench
I forgot the screwdriver and wrench, to take the bench

I found love on a two seated bench
but only a jackass would screw this up
we've actually never done it on the bench
no, we talked about music and the business
then later get into our bedroom clinch

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A bit of a rambling story but that's certainly a busy bench!

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Ha! Love that first verse! The bench/wench rhyme made me smile as does the producer/seduce her rhyme. This is such a great slice of life and perspective on life and love song. The little details make it feel so intimate and real. Cool strum and chord progressions on that bridge!

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I really don't know after listening to this should I get a dog or a screwdriver. Love and benches - smells of Beckett.

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Wrenches and wenches ha ha and stealing the bench ! Great story mate

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Cool song and take on skirmish. Very interesting to listen to. Thank you for participating.

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I like the story. I got a dog after I met the one! But I hear it’s a good way to meet people.

I like the idea of disassembling and taking the bench home, using a wrench, which rhymes with wench. And bench. I like it.