For All the Family We've Got

For All the Family We've Got

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Liner Notes: 

late night skirmish. since rusty on those it to more time to upload.


did buddha have a family
all the scriptures the all agree
you might need a father and a mother
and some sisters and brthers

we skip down a few centuries
and get into prooblems with jesus's ancestory
then we plunge into the age af reason
after the burninig witches' season

now the patriarchy invented mini-skirts
and the wedding rings put in loobsters and mobius curves
the family thing was getting coontagious
and then (some say) came the age oo aquarius

there were cults, communes, hells angels
spilling oout children from all angles
you even might be some of them
causing the next mayhem

now everyone is family
in this wifi economy
at least we have political correctness
and drugs for every sign of madness

the future will take us to the stars
with our spouses and children on the moon and mars
soo let's drink another shot
for all the family we've got

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What a laid back, cool vocal delivery. Almost ominous. And combined with the lyric it gives a dark feel to this uke & voice song. Interesting, for sure.

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A little quirky, dark, and amazing! Love how you dang it

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Well, ain't this something. A history of the family starting from thousands of years ago and reaching the future. That's epic and ambitious. Is this ironic or sincere, it's hard to tell and that makes it open to interpretations and hence interesting. The turning of the page is a funny interlude.

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The mix of the muted mandolin and your rich deep voice give this a rather ominous feel. It works really well with your cubical lyrics.