We Are Family

We Are Family

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Liner Notes: 

Decided to write about my family I grew up with. Gosh, are we all stubborn! The lines about not getting along mostly are about my oldest brother-
who thinks it is fine to kill anyone crossing our border. There is no getting through to him.


We Are Family
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Often complicated

In it for the fun
Never won

In my family
There were 7
None of us alike
We are family
Both easy going
And uptight

One brother has left us
Things won't be the same
But we all smile
Every time we hear his name

In many ways
So related

Ever after

Repeat chorus

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I really like the short lines. You say a lot with a few words. I could feel the emptiness that's surrounded by the positive as you went into the bridge.

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Yes very singable. The lines give the opportunity to deliver the message in many forms. A bit of everything. Good write!

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I love all of the different descriptors for people in the family. Diversity of ideas, opinions, character, and personality are what makes families great!

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Ah, picture words...I like often complicated the best so far. It makes the listener look at their own family. 7 children is a full house. Something has happened to one of the brothers, oh no. Did he get married? Nice job on this Cindy.

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Thanks Jerry..No, my brother Bruce died several years ago.

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Seems like not being alike actually helps to point up the strength and resiliency of the family bond. What a beautiful thing! I agree with other comments; you’ve communicated a lot with the well-chosen brief lines. That includes the sorrow and fondness for your brother who is gone. It’s a blessing you have so many to share his memory with.

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very much a song. with a slight punk invisible touch. at least what i heard Lol

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Agree with lowhum on the punk vibe. The short lines feel like they give it a fast, jerky energy to my mind. Nicely done