That's Family

That's Family

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Liner Notes: 

A very fast one as I came to the prompt late. Also, this isn't one of those 'write what you know" things. I just put myself in someone else's shoes and I think captured how he feels pretty well, unfortunately.


Family will let you down
Just when you need help off the ground
Just when you need them to stick around
That's family

Family is just a word
Pleas for help remain unheard
Holding a sign, "Do not disturb!"
That's family

Sometimes I wish that I could see
Why some folks love their family
That's not me

Family is full of pain
Nothing but a common name
I'll sit alone if it's just the same
That's family

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Raw and reminds me some of Woody Guthrie. Great skirmish!

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Hi TC, this is certainly an angle I didn't expect and it maybe works. You could also do the opposite and that would work too. My family continues to come through for me so I'll have to step back too and look from a different point of view. That said, I haven't always trusted my family would be there for me. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. guitar intro...sounds good...vocals will let you down just when you need help off the ground...just when you need them to stick around...that's is just a word...can clearly understand the lyrics. Nice guitar playing. Family is full of You may have inspired me to write a song about fake friends. Nice job TC. That's a sweet-sounding guitar you got there and you're doing well with it.

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Yup good angle. Its a good topic because it can be so different! Yours is true for many people and believable songs are good. Nice one.

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I really appreciate the perspective you shared. So many people have strained or challenging relationships and this song will be very relatable to many. The emotion in your vocals is wonderfully strong.

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That's at least one way to look - I like how you mix it with the mostly major chords.

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I wondered if anyone was going to go for this angle. "Family is just a word" is a great line and I'd suggest it would make a great title too. Awesome guitar work, as always, and biting lyrics. Nicely done