We Are Family

We Are Family

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish 9/28/2019 "We Are Family"

Just noticed I blew my own bridge on my demo...lol



We are family

Well, I got my dog and my cats
I got my brother here with me facts
We are family
We are family

Sometimes I spend my time alone
Something's need to be left away from home
Like work why bring it home?
Most likely I'll be alone
But I play the game with the phone
I can tell when you're stoned
She asked me if I wanted a drone
I said, what the hell for? Holmes


I want her in my family
We are family
However, we're not that close
You never knows
But my cats don't ask much of me
Usually it's mostly about the feed
I take care of the house and mop the floors
She says I knows and that's what I adores


Having a nice family Sunday afternoon
Got some rock-a-billy on the TV
Just me my cats my dogs and brother
Isn't the packers on today?
The last line of my song is we are family

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Great look into your world! Nice musiic and skirmish!

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There is something endearing about your performance here. I like that you're being positive (which I suspect will be a common theme or this prompt.) And I like that you threw in a "she" that isn't quite defined. A hint of uneasiness in an otherwise fulfilling song about family.

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Nice picture song. Tells a real life for most people. Strong guitar keeps it moving on! I agree with TC it is endearing! It does have some undertones!

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This feels wonderfully intimate and honest. There is a wonderfully candid feeling in your vocal delivery.

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It has this on and on feeling with a bit of melancholy, maybe because of the pets or the grand children in the end. It's a fine home picture.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an awesome job on your new song I like it bro. Your lyrics sounds excellent. Your singing sounds awesome.

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The slightly disconnected, almost rambling lyrics remind me a bit of REM. There's something very every-day about them that's rather endearing. Nice one