Your Skies

Your Skies

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Liner Notes: 

@pfoo and @standup wanted to do a collab this year, and @standup suggested something reminiscent of Pink Floyd. We sat down and listened to some stuff and decided "Wish You Were Here Parts 1-5" was kind of a favorite of both of ours. So with that in mind, we got to work.

@pfoo did some synth parts on MS-20 and sent them. @standup had already been working on lyrics, and started assembling the song. Guitars, vocals and bass were next. @pfoo played drums after the other parts were recorded.

@standup lyrics, guitars, bass, vocals
@pfoo synth, drums


I'm in orbit I cross your skies
I see more than you realize
perspective is all I know
as the earth spins below

I float I fly
the eye in the sky
I am objective
I have perspective

I got the angle on your lies
not one thing you can disguise
I float at altitude
the whole world in my view
I do not dream, I only know
I see all that occurs below

Flatline radar picks you up
my line of sight you can't obstruct
I float above the fray
I always have my way

I float I fly
the eye in the sky
I am objective
I have perspective

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Brilliant, huge, space-rock sound. "I do not dream, I only know" is a fantastic line. I'd be inclined to make more of it and add a harmony just for that line (in addition to the chorus ones) for emphasis.

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Really good track – the music fits the lyric really nicely (“I float, I fly”). It’s very atmospheric and quite hypnotic. I really like the lead guitar part. I really like the synths too – parts and sounds.

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An icy beauty to this one. I like the way the human and synthetic elements play against each other with restrained menace. Great synth line, harmonies, production - all really well put together.

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Love the sound layering. That flute synth is great. Lovely melody to it, and it creates a great dichotomy between the orgamic flute sound and the city sounds. Those trippy lyrics though! There's a bit of a Rusted Root soundtrack to my college years sort of feel to it all.

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a little bit of love from me - thx for tip off - very nice certainly caught that Floyd feel. mixed together really well!

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Great track, a lot is going on. The flute melody sound in its softness is really something else. Am listening for the third time in a row.
Now take this single version and expand it to a whole album side!

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This is really phenomenal! I love the velvetly flowing feel of the music with the wonderful soothing psychedelic feel that works brilliantly with the lyrics and vocals. I love feeling high on music without any drugs and this song takes me to that space where I am floating with the music and transported into a cool safe place of higher perspective. Wonderful!