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Liner Notes: 

I was hoping I'd be home in time for this skirmish - I started about 10 minutes late. And as I was driving home, I heard an old, old Rolling Stones with those classic '50s/'60s doo-wop chord changes, and I thought, "There's something I haven't done yet this 50/90!"


I look up at the full moon
Sign of harvest coming soon
I look far away and I pray
That my baby will be back by the holiday

In the twilight scarecrow stands guard
Time to harvest before the ground grows hard
I pray that before the wind blows cold
My baby will be back for me to hold

I ain’t rich but I got enough
I am a laborer of love
I can sow and I can reap
But my baby I could not keep

My body's weary one more day done
I must harvest with the rising sun
And I pray by my bed on bended me
My baby will be back to share with me
Our harvest our bounty

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It's lucky you heard that song because the doo-wop chords work perfectly! Truly good!

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I like the image of the scarecrow standing guard in the twilight. And the vulnerability and humbleness in the story when mixed with the images, makes for a good, longing type of song. Good melody and playing too!

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Classic country lyric. You tell the story several ways which brings it right home. Fine job.

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Looking at the lyrics... the full moon, harvest soon...nice. Twilight scarecrow jumps out at me. The wind blows cold...another nice visual. On bended knee...again, quite visual. Great job on this chip. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Guitar intro...vocals...I look up at the full moon...sign of harvest coming soon...can clearly understand the lyrics...nice riff...laborer of love...riff....my body is weird...one more day could be done...I must havest with the rising sun. riff and out...great job Chip

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Such gorgeous images and a beautiful loving message. Performed perfectly with some lovely string work and sincerity in the gorgeous vocals! Thanks for playing!

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Wow, this was a skirmish? Lovely lyrics. Very nice country ballad style.