Harvest of Unity

Harvest of Unity

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Liner Notes: 

Thanks for the great prompt Liz! Needs music and vocals


Harvest of Unity
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Sowing seeds of kindness
Rows and rows of care
Planting acres of faith
Growing them everywhere

Cultivating promise
Transplanting a lot of hope
Growing goodness all over
A love kaleidoscope

Let's harvest joy
Let's harvest delight
Let's harvest happiness
Aren't they our birthright?
Let's harvest unity
Let's shine our light

Farming comradery
Implanting grains of love
Spreading togetherness
It's what we're made of

Gardening pleasantry
Producing lots of friends
Bringing up a new world
Let's reap the dividends

Repeat chorus

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This is excellent - contemporary worship, secular or spiritual, practical and uplifting. Lovely word choices and rhyming. Really good one!

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Such a positive lyric! Love that title! And the message. "Gardening pleasantry"....great! The metaphors a vivid and uplifting overall.

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Fine thoughts and hope. "A love kaleidoscope" is a great line. Very sixty's, or so I remember. Good skirmish.

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Looking at the lyrics...nice use in using the bonus words. I'm all in for love kaleidoscope. (had to spellcheck that word...knew I couldn't spell it). Nice strong chorus pretty much tells you how to do it. Nice job of staying on topic. Interesting that this prompt threw me way out in left field while you stayed focus. Nice job Cindy

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Cindy, this is a really beautiful lyric. The message is so relevant and important. Brilliant use of prompt and bonus words!