Tired Eyes I Have Become Neil Young’s Old Man

Tired Eyes I Have Become Neil Young’s Old Man

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Liner Notes: 

I saw the super skirmish prompt with my own tired eyes. I though of the Neil Young song from the album Tonight's The Night. I am in the middle of reading Neil Young's memoir Waging Heavy Peace. Then I borrowed heavily from an earlier 5090 scrapped idea from a Slack chat conversation with [@mike_skliar]. The rest is the rest.


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Tired Eyes I Have Become Neil Young’s Old Man

There was so much more looking back at age 24
The world on a string held opportunities and possibilities galore
Read myself to sleep my tired eyes wage heavy peace
Whenever I sleep with angels I snore

Still I have got some memories
Keep on rocking in the free world in front of me
Liked hearing don’t spook the horse better loud
Stand and cheer new bands in a smoke-filled crowd

I look in the bathroom mirror only to see
That I have become Neil Young’s Old Man
What happened to my sense of adventure and energy
Now my tired eyes search for the location of the nearest can

Until I learn that after the gold rush we are living in it
Tonights the night my vices are singing in it
Living with war there is a truth ringing in it
Expecting to fly wing ing it

Now my tired eyes have given up fear and beer breathing in the now
Hanging out of the blue and into the black with the legacy crowd
Excuse me, I hear the thrasher and I have to pee
Looking back at my life I have to squint my tired eyes to see me
In the bathroom mirror reflection of the young generation
Still hoping things get better I want to believe
The future is more than my fading consternation

Repeat chorus

There was so much more looking back at age 24

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my sorta chords. I like this. some really good words in there - and how can you go wrong rockin in the free world rock on brother!

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You squeezed a lot of Neil Young references into this song!! Nice skirmishing.

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The "nearest can" line killed me!
Great song - one to perform at the market. Neil Young is one of my favorites, of course, so I dig all the references and the Neil-like way in which you construct the song. Psychedelic folk.
Maybe my favorite reference is to "Thrasher" - one of my favorites of his.