Extinct: The Children Shall Lead Us

Extinct: The Children Shall Lead Us

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Liner Notes: 

I might be a little late but wanted to put mine in. I got the idea after hearing that Greta Thunberg speak at the UN this week.


Extinct: The Children Shall Lead Us
© 2019 Cindy Prince

The children shall lead us
While the dinosaurs die out
They will not think of tomorrow
So the young must shout!

They're bold and fierce
Won't just sit on the porch
They'll take it away
And run with their torch!

They will lift us
They won't let us
Become extinct
They will rise
Look to the skies
They know we are linked

They have passion
They have reasons
They have come
To bring us more seasons

They have new ideas
They have such finesse
So those of who care
Give them a big Yes!

Repeat chorus

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yup ditto metalfoot - very topical as well after the UN stuff. well said!