Pizza (skirmish)

Pizza (skirmish)

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Liner Notes: 

this was a very quick kind of stream of consciousness skirmish on the subject of 'pizza'

not anything all that great, but hey, its done!


will add later

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Fun meditations on pizza, life, the universe, and everything!

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Sounds pretty damn cool for a skirmish. I like the rhythm and your vocal delivery (the phrasing, in particular.) This was a fun one with a slightly more dark sound to it than some of the other light hearted pizza songs.

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Oh yeah...the Pizza Desolation Waltz. That's real fine stream of consciousness to tie two themes together. Good work.

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I like how you can take almost any thing and make a relevant important sociopolitical comment. Nice darker vibe to this pizza song! I like the contrasts and the issues you raise. Your pizza is definitely food for thought!

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hey its a good stream of consciousness. great use of analogy and a good music track - nice skirmish

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hehe mike skliar does pizza, the second line made me chuckle in a dark humour way, hope that's not rude. just the way everything can be seen in the light(?) of a doomed world. of course i am with you on your sentiments on wouldnt it be nice to feed the world with pizza, i just like the juxtapostion of the political pizza. very enjoyable listen and top skirmishing.