The Pizza Song

The Pizza Song

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Liner Notes: 

SuperSkirmish-- closing weekend, opening salvo.

My theme, and I'm sorry/not sorry for it.

Guitar, vocals: me
Backing noises and whistling: Footling #3 (he should have stood closer to the mic but yeah)


Roll out the dough
Spoon on the sauce
Shred out the cheese
For a good cause

It's time to make some pizza

Layer the toppings
Thick as you please
Then in the oven
The fine smell on the breeze

It's time to cook some pizza

La la la...

We're waiting for the pizza

After some minutes
It's looking done
Time to get it out
And eat it-such fun!

It's time to eat the pizza

Yummety yum!

We love eating pizza

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You had me singing along by the second verse, I love that melody. Now you've got 'yummety yum!' stuck in my head.

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Definitely a happy upbeat sing along feel and would be perfect to sing while making pizza. I can imagine the choreography if it were sung at camp with a bunch of kids. I am inspired to make some pizza for dinner!

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Digging this progression. I am definitely having pizza soon!

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like the instructional structure and love the yummety yum chorus. thanks for the prompt