Skyline Heat

Skyline Heat

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Liner Notes: 

I opened up GB on the iPad to see what was new and found the Skyline Heat Hip Hop loop pack. Sounded pretty cool so I downloaded it and tried a few to see what I could come up with. Then I opened it up in Logic Pro for some light mixing. A bit ironic that a pack called "Skyline Heat" is a bit chill.

So now that I've done song #39, I think I must do one more to make it an even 40 for 50/90. Besides, I saw a new Disco pack and the noticed a Latin pack, too. I'll try both to see what is the most inspiring. Late in the game, but what the hey?



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Good mellow track with catchy vocal samples. I like the drum fill that comes in the first time at about 20 seconds in, and the altered voice parts.