Now I Want Pizza

Now I Want Pizza

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Pizza just a few blocks away
I can almost smell it now
Delivered or can get it to go on my way
Aroma filling up my electric car bounce

Pizza at the store just a few miles from here
I can get it fresh or frozen
Can get it to go or eat it behind the wheel
Maybe I buy a dozen

now I want pizza
I can smell it
I can taste it
Leftovers to refrigerate
tomorrows breakfast or lunch won't be wasted

Pizza always on my mind
I can eat it any meal or anytime

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kahlo2013's picture

I can totally relate! Pizza is addictively good anytime and you capture that with this lyric!

metalfoot's picture

Pizza. It's what's for dinner. Or at least 'twas here.
No question that the smell of pizza is half of what makes it so appealing. Fun write! Glad you could play.

tcelliott's picture

I love cold pizza for breakfast due to fond memories as a very young child. I love that you threw in the leftover angle. All this talk of pizza is making me hungry.

JWHanberry's picture

It's just good food. Wonder when the delivery cars will be electric.

coolparadiso's picture

yup its addictive - i always say nar no pizza then eat a whole one! and you even got your electric car in. Nice

headfirstonly's picture

So true. My mouth is actually watering and now *I* want pizza too!

But - leftovers? With pizza? That's not a thing, surely?