I Reckon I'll Skedaddle

I Reckon I'll Skedaddle

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Liner Notes: 

There was a post on FB with a lot of these fun words so I thought I'd write a song.


I Reckon I'll Skedaddle
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I was flabbergasted
I knew were up to some hanky- panky

You had the audacity
And you're a numb-skull
And this is make me damn cranky

You think you've hoodwinked me
I think you're full of baloney
It's all just fiddle- faddle
So I reckon I'll skedaddle
Yeah I reckon I'll skedaddle

I'm not confused
You're berserk
You're a nincompoop
And too much work

I'm tired of your malarkey
Tired of your lollygagging
Sick to death of you hullabaloo

No more of this tomfoolery
No more poppycock
I'm more than already over you

Repeat chorus

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Well, this is something different. It'a a break-up song with an almost surrealistic playful feel. Very good idea. It's interesting to notice that all those fun words are actually quite singable. People should use them more.