Through Your Eyes

Through Your Eyes

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Liner Notes: 

This song is all about looking backward in order to move forwards in life. On further listening, this song has a bit of a Billy Idol feel to it

One more song to go... I think I can, I think I can... Smile


Through Your Eyes
© 27/9/2019 C. Stewart

How can you say that your life is good
When all you do is work hard
Your life has moved in a different direction
But still you don’t know where to start

Looking back on a life that’s full
Through your eyes
Looking back on a life that’s full
Through your eyes

You sit around and you question life
Sorting out the truth from the lies
You sit around and you question life
But the answers right in front of your eyes


Solo (verse)

If all the money in the world was yours
What would you do with your life?
I can tell you now you wouldn’t change
You wouldn’t know what to do with your time

Chorus (x2)

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Oh, this is ace. The '80s American rock music vibe has been skillfully reproduced with driving beat and delicious guitar sounds. The chorus is especially pleasing the first line having a quick rhythm and the second line being drawn out with a melisma. I have already in my notes: " Use melismatic melodies because they sound so good" but I didn't have time to read my notes this year. Nice lyrics too. The last verse is my favorite. You managed to keep the quality high on your demos even in these last songs!

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Certainly a Billy first few notes but soon becomes much more Corey Style ! The odd Billy riff sneaks back in! Great solo! very nice

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Oh yeah some great 80s stuff! This is an amazing song that takes me back to my youth. Love the energy!