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Another song in my What We Talk About When We Talk About Love commentary. I've had conversations with friends over the years who are married and yet their marriage is not what it always seems. There are some who paint pictures of perfection while others do something totally different. In this narrative the subject has done something wrong. The offense is not something sexual, but about not being truthful before now.


Every time U look me in the eye
I can see there is trouble in the air
A hurricane stirring near the isles of the paradise we both share
U're faithful in as much U keep smiling
All along thinking how it ain't fair
That 4 all the things we've been through
Why can't I be transparent with U
And tell U how it hurts me still
That certain pleasures I'll never feel...

2019 The Jelly Factory!

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This is a heartachingly beautiful tune and arrangement and the words definitely get across what you're trying to say-- the hurricane's a great metaphor.

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Starts off so sad but then the vocals and music change up so beautifully! Feels like I’m in a smoky lounge in Vegas back in the day. Well done! I’m a fan!

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This is really well put together, love the arrangement. I like the contrast between intro and verses and outro. The descending chord sequence underscores the ache in the lyrics and vocals.