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Liner Notes: 

It's that perpetual expression he wears. A combination of smugness at his own degree of entitlement and privilege, mixed with a disconnect with anything that's going on around him, an "I can get away with anything because of who I am" attitude, and a vapid lack of the slightest intellectual capacity for anything more taxing than what to order for lunch.

Worst. Prime Minister. Ever.

(Note to self: you can't sing this high, Chris. Just accept it.)

Edit (27/9/19): Hoo boy. NEVER mix when you're tired. No wonder @coolparadiso couldn't make out the words: the original version of this was way, way out of balance. I couldn't let that stand, so I've retracked the Fender Rhodes and repositioned and rebalanced the rest of the mix elements with a fresh pair of ears this morning. That's better.


He's snatched his moment in the spotlight
He says the path ahead is clear
I know just what that future looks like
I know it's going to cost us dear
Although he tells us not to fear

He gives us soundbites in abundance
But sadly none of them are true
I can't wait 'til he is made redundant
Replace the old guard with the new
It's just the smartest thing to do

But even if we ask politely
I doubt he'll willingly step down
We know his conduct is unsightly
But who will run him out of town?
Who will rid us of this clown?

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Could be Trump, could be Boris, no love here for either of them!! Love the brass section. The music is so awesome I almost hate that it's wasted on politics. Nevertheless, the whole thing rocks! Give rose LOVE LOVE this!! My hubby's watching the US congressional hearings as we speak...it's going well!

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Gosh, At first I thought you were talking about that American fuckup in the liner notes.
I dunno, I think you *can* sing that high.
I'm liking the horn stabs in there.
A really nice slow tempo rock tune here.
The question is, will the new guard be any better than the old guard?
In my opinion, most leaders are leading because they know how to screw people over in order to gain power.
Jeez, I sound like a pessimist, right?
I prefer to think that I'm a realist. Wink

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Got a real nice feel about it , on a pretty touchy current topic, repeated around the world i am afraid! Not sure if its my device wasn't on my normal headphones but could really hear the lyrics, ill try later on my desktop. Really cool music and a good lyric.

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It's a pity how much time is wasted by/with these clowns - there is so much that needs to be done in our countries but the energy vampires suck all the attention

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At first I thought it was about Trump, too! Lol! Nice to hear another song with your vocals, Chris. Love the Bluesy sound!