These Streets Are Mine

These Streets Are Mine

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Racing circles
Down the mountain
In a small car
That will squish ya

No phone call
Gonna stop ya anyhow

Numbers disconnected
Children unprotected
And the streets below
Are my streets now

When the wind blows
The wind blows through
Why should it be
Any different for you?

I dont know when
I dont know how
But these streets
Are my streets now

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Hey Bill love this

this is packed with emotion
it's there in the reading
and so strong in the vocal
what a story and wow you tell it so well
great little lyric / song

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Nice acoustic progression, great sound with the right hand. For me the lyric creates tension with "my" instead of possibly "your", but realize the point of view is that tension; not saying, implying it should be addressed, just that it is an interesting element with strong effect. Well done.

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Lovely guitar as usual. Original lyric. You were born too late. This would have been a hit in the early days of country. You're sounding like a cross between Willie Nelson & Arlo Guthrie. Well done!

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Quintessential Bill song for me. Really nicely done. Soft emotional vocal over a clean pretty guitar!

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I think I liked your vocal and arrangement the most so far--and I'm winding down myself, in a few minutes posting #25, my last for the season. I think it's possibly my strongest one and THIS is, I think, your best. (Is it post-apocalyptic? I'm just "getting" that your album title "The Sea Is Coming Out Of The Sea" might be post-apocalypse...)

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There's a story here, but the great thing about your writing is just how much of that story remains to be filled in by the listener rather than being explicitly stated (something I still need to work on, and I've been doing this sort of thing for a while). So Jerry's thinking this is post-apocalyptic, while my first thought was "He's Batman!" Even if that wasn't your intent, this is a great song.

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I really like the visuals I get from this song. The gently delivery and melody really complement the emotion from the story....nicely played too. It's lovely.