Needle and thread

Needle and thread

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Liner Notes: 

Feeling unwell today but trying to psych myself out of it


Thread the needle
To sew me back up
I’ve been ripped to shreds
But I’ve had enough
Falling to pieces
Just isn’t my thing
Sew me up now
Throw me back in the ring

Blindfold me, mute me
I’ll grow stronger still
If the strings don’t support me
My iron heart will
Thread through the eye
Set me up for the fight
The haters have gathered
So up go the lights

I’ll take on the challenge
As the hem starts to fray
Sew me up quickly
I’m not backing away
The stitches are fresh
Remnants of the pain
They might leave a scar
But I’m made whole again

Thread the needle
To sew me back up
Use the good yarn
Knit the victory scarf
No one is so broken
Or so torn or corrupt
That when they have fallen
They can’t get back up

Sew in the seams
Tie up the bow
You thought I was done
But now you know
I can be sewn
I can be mended
I’ll come back better each time
you think my fight’s ended.

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Very self empowering. I like the idea of getting from the pain and coming back stronger. It's a good message.