Fulfil My Dreams

Fulfil My Dreams

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I'll look deep within this eternal soul of mine
Lost is the moment
Seek for guidance
Only I can truly find
Nobody else should push me elsewhere

This is my life I want to live and breath
I am blessed from up above
The wisdom path I walk on
Got find and keep this burning desire
Good feeling and must not loose this feeling

I'll travel deep within my dreams
Answer is deep within
Spending time in solitude
Concur my fear to believe it happen for real
Oh Mary won't you cure my stage fright
I need to fulfil my dreams

I pray to the heavens up upon
Need to keep this faith
I know my guardian angel is around me
Making me feel blessed and loved
Mary can cure my stage fright

Time for me to capture my desire
Even though the hard times
I have to keep movin on
Keep working for what's within me
Can't let anybody else drowned my spirts

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These lyrics are great! I'm a firm believer that the answers we all seek are deep within us. If we want guidance we seek silence and solitude in mindful prayer.