Our Time Will Come

Our Time Will Come

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A song about a relationship not going anywhere but with the slight possibility of redemption Smile


Our Time Will Come
© 25/9/2019 C. Stewart

Here I am, standing in front of you
Here we are, which one is telling the truth?
I’m not blind but I just can’t see
This anticipation is all too clear

I think our time will come one day
I think our time will come one day
Was it something that I said?
I think our time will come one day

Here we go, drifting in circles
Here we are, not knowing which way to go
Two souls drifting but never meet
One needs the other to feel complete


Solo (V)

Let me run, and I’ll run to you
Let me run, and I will run for miles
Don’t know what to do and what to say
I’ll run forever plus one more day
This silence is deafening, can’t say a word
Our cries for help will not be heard


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Nice calm and dreamy feel to the music. Chord changes are soft and gentle. Good melodies and great production make this very easy and pleasant to listen. I can't believe your still doing quality songs with full demos after 47 songs. That's amazing.

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Every time I hear another song of yours it amazes me. Dreamy, easy, and the way you do the music. I don't know how I could ever pick a favorite song of yours!

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Real comfort music - great guitar in there! Very nice one! I like this style on you!