Noisy Peacocks (one street in NYC)

Noisy Peacocks (one street in NYC)

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Liner Notes: 

This is a kind of stream-of consciousness thing about a particular block in Manhattan (wonder if anyone can guess?)
based on a thread somewhere or other when i posted a photo taken on that block and various people started talking about their experiences on that same block.

recorded a few days ago (mid-Sept) but i didn't get around to posting it for a few days.

quick iphone recording, i think


Noisy peacocks in cathedral gardens
Strange sculptures that beg your pardon
Russian coffee cakes and croissant
Bathroom graffiti with gothic font

Pizza joint there since 1947
Midnight cookie joint tastes like heaven
Just one block in a big city grid
Helping to keep the neighbors well fed

Take it for granted, it’ll always be here
Until its gone, my longtime fear
Ya gotta go, support these places
Get to know the neighborhood faces

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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This is so good! So creative and your guitar is awesome. Great one!

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Amsterdam Ave? Near St John's? I can see it. I've been to that bakery with the Russian pastries. This is really vivid to me. Like REALLY vivid. And the fear of gentrification is always there now.