#Impeach the MF

#Impeach the MF

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Liner Notes: 

Saw this tag on Twitter and thought I'd write a song.


#Impeach the MF
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I didn't know if it'd ever happen
So much has been swept under the rug
But I say it's long past time
To put away this mafia thug

Most of us have never seen this
The lying deep rotting corruption
Let the whistle blower speak
Let it blow up like an eruption

Impeach the MF
Throw the book at him
Deflate all the lifesavers
See if he can swim
He thinks he's above the law
But no man should ever be
Impeach the MF
That lousy SOB

He's stupid
But dangerous
Because his supporters think he's god
He's clueless
But treacherous
Get rid of him and his flying monkey squad

Surely something will come of this
Though I'm not holding my breath
What we've been witnessing folks
Is this country's ultimate death

Repeat chorus

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to the point! well written certainly world leaders seem to be attracting the wrong kind of press! The very small consolation is its good for song writing!