Political correctness just means not being an ass

Political correctness just means not being an ass

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This is a subject I've been thinking about recently, as there's alot of words being written these days about whether 'political correctness' has gone too far, etc etc.
There's no doubt that sometimes people do take 'pc' a little too seriously at times, but that being said, I'm generally in favor of the idea of being inclusive, respectful, open to differences, etc., ie all the things that 'pc' is supposed to do, at least in theory. I've always thought of the line that, for me, being 'pc' means at its core.... 'don't be an ass****' (a phrase I slightly cleaned up for this song)

I was re-inspired to write about this topic after seeing a song or two here last week (on either the same or slightly related topics, I think)... anyway, while your mileage may vary on some of the specific issues, here's the song....

Did a little more elaborate recording then I have been doing most of this 50/90- used the condenser mic, overdubbed guitar, second guitar, harmonica and vocal.
And one thing I'm psyched about with this song-- the bridge is in a completely different and unrelated key. (Does that 'work' musically, ya think?)



I got a problem with the problem that you’re having with me
Too much political correctness seems to be all that you can see
Your privilege used to get you a great big free pass
But political correctness Just means not being an ass

someone stands up for someone more brittle
you’re worried you won’t have the power to belittle
others of a different religion race or class
political correctness just means not being an ass

historically, solutions
and moral evolutions
and declines in persecutions
came from acting just a bit more kind

didn’t just happen by chance
people had to take a stance
sick of the same song and dance
and slowly changed hearts and minds

And so my problem with the problem that you’re having with me
I’m not trying to take away your right to be free
Its important to examine our actions thru a looking glass
Political correctness just means not being an ass

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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i first heard that phrase in 1983, after seeing the film Under Fire with a Marxist friend. His usage of the phrase signified that he believed the film told the truth about the political situation it addressed, that it was politically correct, not a lie Today the phrase has come to mean something else, that you are in lock step with a partcular party line. All totalitarian movement demand such total obedience to the party line and each one of them insists they have the moral high ground. over whatever opposition may arise. so I cant agree that being being politically incorrect simply means one is an asshole. Sometimes yes, but just as often it is the one forcing group think upon indiividuals who is the offensive one. I adhere to the old school meaning of the phrase but have been too influenced by such mentors as lemny bruce to buy into .political correctness as it stands today

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Specifically you ask,
-- The bridge didn't sound out of place to me at all; but, I do tend to hear things differently.

Personally, since asking for input,
-- I would not be riffing with the harp solo going on (left channel on my HP's), the intonation sounds spot on with perfect embouchure (if that's you and not software, God bless you! Smile ),
-- (back to left channel riffing), well, unless it's a call and response if even featuring the harmonica; but sounded independent of it not a C&R feature. If you want to balance the headphone air pressure for the harp, just dup the solo and put that as overdub in the Left channel (how you had the riffing); as you know, that dup, it does not have to be 50/50 equal L/R same Vol, one can put the Right solo as it is, and maybe ? , 30% the Left with maybe 5 dB lower or so Vol. (Also, time shift and will fill out audibly too.)

Again, for me since you've got all the tools out, I'd add,
-- if even a Root Note Bass Guitar for some more dimension, or even some two-beat bass (don't need a bass guitar to do it, use the acoustic, and if needed shift the pitch down one octave, no one will know).

And yes, the lyric,
-- for me, as far as folks screaming for "PC"; -- those ones most prolific in their didactic preaching seem as they are typically using it as a Tool, a License to wack someone else they don't like and not being inclusive with, -- not PC indeed! And, not instructive as you point out. In a truly global, imperfect human world where many may speak several languages, "English" not their first, -- oh, they're gonna say some amazing stuff; calling them an ashehole publicly won't fix it, who ever thought it would?

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Good idea for a song-and you got it all down. This is a touchy subject for some. Good song!

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if only it did. in common parle certainly here it certainly means a lot more. its a huge topic - not for a few word answer. however its a good topic for a song and highlights a few issues worth thought and hey if songs cant do that what can. i just enjoyed the music but i would agree with Usta - i would dull the other instruments when playing the harp ( i dont do it enough myself) Bridge worked for me! bridges in my book should come from another planet! (again i dont do it enough) nice one Mike

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That's not "political correctness", that's just "basic human decency" to me.
These days, "political correctness" seems to be used as a tool to just shut down discussion.
But yeah, that bridge works really well.
Awesome harmonica; it really fills out the song.
An energetic and fun treatment of the subject matter.
Nicely done.