We All Have Our Dreams

We All Have Our Dreams

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Liner Notes: 

As soon as I read these lyrics I had the melody and the whole 80's pop rock feel just jumped out at me. Thankfully I have some authentic 80's sounds via Logic Pro X so I thought I'd go to town on it. In hindsight I think this would be a nice nod to Ric Ocasek of The Cars (RIP).


We All Have Our Dreams
© 2019
Lyrics: Kristi McKeever
Music C. Stewart

Is our turn to play
And time
Is taking us away
May enter today
And flames
May start a serenade

We all have our dreams
Some still left unchecked
They stay warm on the fire
No matter how old we get
No one knows what’s coming
No one knows what we intend
Trust your gut to let you
Leave your arms open

Coz we all have our dreams

Whatever you do
And sing
When people inspire you
Some sweet memories
And hum
A brand new melody


Coz we all have our dreams

Oh every moment we live
Every gesture we give
Makes or breaks the season
With the company we’re keeping



Coz we all have our dreams
Coz we all have our dreams
Coz we all have our dreams

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i thought the cure had landed in the intro - then i saw the cars influence. good lyrics and right in ya sweet spot Corey!

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cant get any closer to the 80s pop sound than this. lyrics are perfect for the feel.

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Great jell with the intention btw vocals and form. Perfect all over! Reminds me of foreigner and all that urgent emergency in the 80s.

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Great feel, perfect transitions and perfect synth sounds. Nice arrangement, this rocks all the way through.

I like the idea here, keeping dreams present in our lives and being open to them always. Never closing them out completely.

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You bring my lyrics to life with a lot of pizzazz! Very smoothly delivered. I can do my workout to it! Thank you!

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How cool is that, I can see and hear a retro 80's inspired aerobics workout album in the pipeline. The video clips for the songs would be a hoot Wink