List of Presidents

List of Presidents

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This is a kind of strange little song based on the fact that at an early age, (like when i was about 7 or 8?) I somehow, for some strange reason, decided to memorize the presidents of the united states, in order. I still can do it today, tho I have to think a bit after LBJ, who was probably the president when I learned this crazy parlor trick. And my memory being what it is, i left one out, tho then went back later and corrected it (listen to the end)

music was improv as i was reciting it, kind of making-it-up-as-I go along....

another 50/90 weirdness!


george washington...

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how could you forget Herbert Smile should i say Dam (n) Great party trick that! thats also a pretty good guitar backing as well Nice

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this song should be used in the schools to assist with memorization.,,everyne would get an A,

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America is blessed with short history. I guess that's why it's possible to get away with a song with 40 or so heads of state. Imagine doing the roman rulers/emperors or just the Bulgarian khans in the 9 century.

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I didn't miss Herbert, so you could have fooled me. You could do the same with all the Democratic candidates Smile