The Leaf

The Leaf

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday Skirmish 9/22/2019 "Leaf"

Update: 9/22/2019 This demo has been updated to version 1b. Original Skirmish :



It is my belief
Try singing the leaf
Relief from the leaf
It is my belief

I'm moving slow better to pick it up quick
I just start rhyming and be careful what I pick
This song is clearly bout leaf
You know the best rhyme I could find is belief
Leafs of a tree darling pick your leaf
I know it's something that we both can agree
Still quite far behind with leafy
I feel the sorrow building story getting too beefy


I found a leaf in my briefcase baby
I think you put it there for me to find, darling
I'm working on the effects of leaf on species
Of men and women especially
When the leaf falls off the tree
I pick them all up weekly
I left a leaf where she will surely do find it baby
I said I'm sorry and can we settle this with leafy?

All the leafs are brown and the sky is grey
I have a green leaf for you
I saved it for you
Please take care of your leaf
That's my belief

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It's funny how few rhymes there are that seem to naturally work with leaf. This was a fun take on the theme. I really enjoyed this song, especially the storytelling style of it.

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Hey Jerry, my friend you did an excellent job on your new song I like it bro. Your lyrics and guitar sound awesome.

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Yeah good chorus. Got a nice flow to it. I recognise the start of that bridge! Good fun one. Great skirmish.

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nice! you did a fun kind of meta-song improv-style on this one, as did I (tho i went in a different direction)
this is playful and fun.... 'beefy!

MarkG's picture

Leaf is passe, you gotta strictly go with flower, stronger and easier to rhyme. Fun song, something about "pick them up weekly" made me laugh.

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First, love the guitar and vocal blend! Great sound.
The internal rhyme of “best rhyme I could find” really caught my ear nicely.
Leaf/briefcase was an inspired branching of the lyric off into a wild story.
Fun to listen to!

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A fine tongue in cheek take on the prompt. Sometimes that's all that comes up. Good sounding demo.

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Love how you walked through the prompt almost like a stream of consciousness as you took us on the journey of coming up with a song. It is fun to see how a song blossomed from this! That is my belief anyway!

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I'm listening to the new version now.. I like the pauses you use..enough time to taste your words. Love the line'I found a leaf in my briefcase, baby'. Chorus is my favorite.. It's my belief. Vocal melody is very memorable. Yeah, lots to like here.