Leaf Fall

Leaf Fall

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Liner Notes: 

Kind of short but I'm not feeling my best today.


Leaf Fall
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Dogwood green
Maple red
Aspen yellow
They all shed

Sweet gum ruby
Apple blonde
Japanese purple
Holding on


Sassafras orange
Oak brown
Ginkgo gold
Fall to the ground

Repeat chorus

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That's a lot of colorful leaves headed groundward! I like the playfulness of the colors here.

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Colorful. Lovely fall song. This would be pretty as a round.

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Fun list of the trees and their leaves colors.

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Looking at the lyrics...opening with multiple imageries very nice into a quite surprising format with some keno shaking and quaking. The FALL is interesting from a musical point of view as should each letter be given great empathize or simply fall. Love the images popping in "Sassafras orange" it just gives it a more satisfying greeting to the listener who is listening closely. I notice that in much of your Writing Cindy. Great job on this!

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Such a kaleidoscope of color! I can see it all in my mind as I read your words. A neat way you wrote FALL down the page, perhaps to indicate some stage instructions to the musician? Maybe an evocative musical interlude begins there?

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Good job on the color list. That pretty much sums up the beauty of Fall without mentioning the oncoming chill.

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So colorful and lovely visuals. Love to way you wrote "FALL"

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Hey Cindyrella, you did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your lyrics sound great.