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Liner Notes: 

I've been wanting to work with @headfirstonly for some time now. I had requested a riff in E and he sent me the goods. While I had a few folks ahead of him, I also wanted to give his work some special attention and the muse was kinda taking her time, too! Nonetheless, with a little inspiration from Gordon Sumner, I came up with this song. I have two more that are a tad personal. I'm not sure if I'll post them, but at least there's this tune. The ending's a little goofy because I just couldn't get those dang drums to do what I wanted them to!

How we did it:
DAW: Presonus Studio One Professional for recording, editing and mixing
CTS: Drum programming, bass, organ, vocals, words
Chris: Guitars and musings

Jelly springs forth!


The sun was out today in a sodium sky
I want 2 come out and play
But we're 2 scared 2 die

So how 2 keep on going
When u can't help looking back
All the mid-nights seem 2 pass U by
And the days R hard 2 try

I'm soul-excited
But just 4 a while
The hope might B there 4 me
When I can't help but cry

My journal's empty
'cause I'm 2 full 2 write (about)
The fears within me (and the)
Terror outside

So how 2 keep on going
When u can't help looking back
All the mid-nights seem 2 pass U by
And the days R hard 2 try

I'm finally woke
But I walk like I'm blind
I'm finally woke
But I walk like I'm blind

So how 2 keep on going
When u can't help looking back

2019 The Jelly Factory!

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you do a lot of cool vocal effects throughout. i especially like the way the two voices work on the chorus. the beats keep everything lively

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This is a really neat collaborative expression of both your talents! Love it.

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nice collab - love those vocal effects and the drum beat is spot on. very nice

Well done; great detail, and for some reason has a feel of a band I don't want to name only because some modulations and chord changes just seem to have gotten hammered in some eras and unfairly attributed to them. Lots of great mix work here. The flam build 2:06 then to the crash choke via crash ride works, nothing goofy about it imo.

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I like the groove. Between the guitars and the rhythm, this song has a nice feel to it. Not rushed, just right.

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I dig the ending, myself.
Guitars that are in the pocket and nice drums with a good rhythm. Not a lot going on, and what's there is done expertly and makes a great backing to feature the vocals.
Nicely delivered vocals; they have energy but convey the tone of the lyrics well. To me, your voice has a positive tone to it...not just in this song but period. You know how some singers' voice itself sounds sad/happy/melancholy/etc? That's how I feel about voices, anyway. And the character of yours feels upbeat and positive, even though the subject of your songs isn't always that. That quality mixed with the vibe of the music here contrast with the lyrics, and I like songs like that.
Was genuinely excited to listen, as you and @headfirstonly are two of my favs.

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Ah, two of my favorite 50/90ers together! Nice vocal collab. That’s what I’m talkin’ about! I also like the ending.