Oh, Wanda

Oh, Wanda

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Liner Notes: 

The other night, I learned about Wanda Jackson, on the Ken Burns country music series on PBS. I gave her a good listen the next day and wrote this tribute to her. (She's still alive, too, as far as I know, and only recently retired.)
Demo recorded this morning at the outdoor market where I perform (I also teach yoga there). Check out the quacking noise (could be a kid with a toy, although there are ducks strolling the grounds) early in the song, and the dog barking toward the end. And I even got some applause.


Late last night I was watching TV
What a vision I did see
Oh Wanda
You know how to rock and roll

Wish you could jump right off the screen
To become my rockabilly queen
Oh Wanda
You know how to rock and roll

You look so fine in those home made dresses you wear
You purr like a kitten and growl like a grizzly bear
with bouffant hair

Come to find you’re now ‘bout 80 years old
I betcha still know how to rock and roll
And how to save my soul

Now you’re the one I idolize
More than Hank or Elvis or the other guys
Oh Wanda
You know how to rock and roll

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fine tribute to the kick ass queen of rock and roll. ive caught her act few times over the years, she doesnt compare to elvus but she sure can hold her own with the rest.except maybe gene vncent and eddie cochran....bib mama thotnton, on the other hnd, can kick elvis' ass with one foot and janis joplins' titties with the other

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Love this tribute to an unsung queen of R&R in my opinion. I love how the Ken Burns awesome PBS special has inspired so many 5090 songs. The ambient noise makes this feel like it a spontaneous heartfelt tribute that you just couldn’t keep in! Love it!