Sad Beyond Words

Sad Beyond Words

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Liner Notes: 

Bill.....59 years is the life expectancy of an alcoholic. My dad made it to 70. My sister only to 59, like so may others in my life, including William (Duffy) DuFrene. Nadia wrote a piece of music titled Sad Beyond Words and that is how i still feel about the death of my sister, and many other people whose lives were cut short by alcohol abuse.

Nadia...Okay, yes, well, another sad piece. A happy one will come some day too, I promise.


Stumble down, you 59ers
Into your early graves
No more shall you be drinking
What in life you craved

Here is a final shot of bourbon
Wash it down with a glass of beer
This is the last glass you will be raising
You will not see your 60th year

Alone in your special sadness
Your life has never been in balance
Yours is the song of the songless bird
A sadness beyond words

Stumble down, my departed sister
It is not such a long way down
In your life, you have fallen futher
Than a ghost in a ghost town

The spirits took you higher
Than a rocket to the moon
Why did nobody warn you
You would be dying soon

Alone in your special sadness
Your life has never been in balance
Yours is the song of the songless bird
A sadness beyond words

Stumble down, my dear old daddy
Down the banks of the River Styx
You are the last of your battalion
The Last of the Bastardly Six

It was down by the Cedar River
That I was hit by a speeding car
I was crossing the avenue
To pull you out of that stinking bar

We were off to do some fishing
Me with my bear claws, you with your beer
But you left me on the roadside
Now Im waiting for you here

So stumble down, you 59ers
Into your early graves
No more shall you be wallowing
In the rotgut that you craved

Sad beyond words
released September 20, 2019
©2019 Nadia Cripps and Bill White
Music and piano Nadia Cripps
Lyrics and vocal Bill White

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Ah, no one writes/plays/sings a sad song like the two of you. I don't think I've seen you guys collaborate before--two of my favorites!! Very nice job on this--kind of...operatic. Epic! Lovely melody, Nadia.

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Amazing lyrics and vocal delivery Bill. You put your heart and soul into both lyrics and singing. So sad to know that your lyrics were inspired by two tragedies you've experienced in your life. I'm truly sorry. Your words are very important for people to hear. Thank you for collaborating with me. I value your artistic imput and the comlexity of the lyrics and vocals, your musical delivery and everything you put into this.

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Top song. I commented on the music! Very sad Bill. I thank goodness i don't have an addictive personality. Plenty of opportunity to get on that and other slippery paths, but I've lost a few on the way. Very nice if nice is exactly the right word.

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Nobody delivers a song vocally like you do, Bill! The piano reminds me a bit of melodrama theatre. Very interesting combo.

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First of all, I am so sorry for your losses. Yes, I know something about alcoholism from my own family, my former marriage...etc. (though I didn't know about the life-expentancy of an alcoholic).

It's a really pretty and poignant song. It's so impressive how you mentioned more than one person/scenario in one song. I find that's difficult to do.

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Hauntingly sad in its honest vividly descriptive picture of the life of an alcoholic. The hook is brilliant. This reaches in and grabs you and doesn’t let go... it stays on your mind. The music is a perfect platform for the the emotional delivery.

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Your lyrics are amazing! I admire how well you told the story. There were times that shocked me because they were so intense. Great job!

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Heartfelt lyrics sung emotionally over the sad piano piece. Good stuff.

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(sigh) This hit a little too close to home. My father is 86, and alcohol-induced dementia robbed him of most of his faculties years ago, but he keeps on going. Balance was never something that has featured in his life; I've got to the point where his continuing survival feels unjust, given that I've lost friends who were half his age, who deserved a longer and more fulfilling life. This is brutally frank, and all the better for being so.

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You spit them lyrics out like poison that needs to be removed. It works really well with the leading piano melody which has a good drive itself. Sad story, sad music and the right amount of anger.

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love the delivery of this, sad indeed and it comes across so strong and that rocking swirling back and forth musical setting is so haunting and echoes long after the song has finished. great turbulence in this. sorry for your loss too

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Intense piano that moves and rises with emotion. The energy there is ominous. They lyrics are tragically sad and unrelenting. Your vocal delivery is powerful as it captures all that emotion and sadness. I could see someone alone on stage bearing his heart and soul. Very dramatic song. Great collab!