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Liner Notes: 

I suppose this might be my first real attempt at electronica, and the title is a nod to techno pioneers Kraftwerk. (Option to pronounce the w like a v.)
Could have called this "Withrow Werk," but "Chipwerk" rolls off the tongue better.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I didn't know you're a Kraftwerk fan. This nice piece of synth music does have a Kraftwerk influence on the melody and chords in a homage kind of way but it also sounds like you. The synth sound is a bit like an acoustic guitar, hard attack with quick decay. This is great experimentation in a new style for you ( I assume ) and a great start of a Chipwerk genre. Smile

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Firstly its a darned good piece. Interesting i wouldn't have picked Kratwerk without the notes although i do get it through that backing drive. I think the front end is a bit prettier and has a maybe slightly earlier feel! Perhaps you should have done a few deep chipwerk, chipwerk as per Autobahn, although if anything this owes more to the model. Nice anyway

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wow, this is different and dang good! I love hearing something different and so cool too!

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Well it's definitely a turn from the expected Chip tunes, but I like it. It kinda rolls with an old school video game vibe (that's not a bad thing in my book). Will there be more like this from you?

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Wow yeah, a changeup for you for sure.
I really like this!
Great headphone mix, with the sounds pinging back and forth in my head.
I can definitely hear the early Kraftwerk.
I'm hoping you come up with more stuff like this in the future.