She's Gone

She's Gone

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Liner Notes: 

Track 1: marvsmooth on acoustic guitar
Track 2: Vom Vorton on electric guitar
Track 3: wobbie wobbit on bass
Track 4: me on vox

owl: I think this track is soooo pretty, I love everything my other three collaborators added in the instrumental--I was really excited to work on it when I got it in the mail! I have had so many technical difficulties with this whole 4-track thing (thanks @nancyrost for lending me your recorder!), so I'm sorry about the sudden dip in vocal volume just before the guitar solo bit, and any other weird things I may have ended up doing accidentally! I adjusted all the levels on the 4-track and recorded it into my DAW as a single track, and just added a little bit of reverb and compression/mastering on top.


Now that she's gone
Now that she's gone
What did she take
That you can't replace?

Was it the way
She sang when no-one was looking
High and sweet as the stars?
Was it the way
She carried your pain on her shoulders
Her eyes, always so far away?

Sometimes it feels
Like summer will last forever
But you know it always ends
And in her wake
The leaves start desperately falling
They know they'll never see her again

She's gone
She's gone
What did she take
That made your heart break?

Was it the way
She danced when no-one was looking
Like water flowing through your hands?
Her smile
Like birds on the distant horizon
A sign you were coming to dry land?

She's gone
She's gone
What did she take
That you can't replace?

Was it her cheek,
The color of ashes of roses
Her skin in the trembling dark?
Was it the way
She kissed you when no-one was looking
Pure and sweet as the stars?

She's gone
She's gone
What did she do
To make your heart break in two?
She's gone
She's gone

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this was another nice track to do bass on with marv and vom's tracks and your vocal just tops it off beatifully. some lovely lyrics, really strong and very charming. nice one, thanks everyone.

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Not only pretty but beautiful. A little bit like Velvet Underground with Nico with that certain pure pop song with touching and poetic yet direct lyrics. Very interesting way to do songs. Marv plays the chords and gives the basic structure, Vom's guitar inspires partly the melody, Wobbie's bass anchors the whole song and owl fills the melody line, adds lyrics ( I assume ) and her lovely voice is the cherry on the top. Great collab all four of you!

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Very well done all of you, it all fits nicely together! Its a very nice song - not surprising with the talent on show. very enjoyable.

Vom Vorton's picture

Wow, this is great! I think this might have actually been the first time I used my new guitar. And now it has been around the world! Excellent work everyone.

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not much i can add to the accurate assessment made by klaus, except that i feel this is what four track recording is all about, with everything blending into a perfect mix that i could keep listening to long after the tape runs out.

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Wow, did this ever turn out marvelous! Seems like a miracle how all this came together and in such a perfect way! I love it!

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I am in love with this girl that is gone, just from the beauty of this song. Amazing result!

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I love that cassette sound. This sounds like a gem, really. Lofi sound with its entire instrumentation + owl vocals made it so. Vom, that might be the magic of playing the guitar for the first time.. or I like to think so at least!

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Love the hiss, that's what this is about, right?

Great melody, nice mix. Everything about the lyric is working -- leaves falling, realizing summer will not last. The memories of the one who's gone.

Which memory is it that is so vital? One of them? All of them? The skin? The kisses pure and sweet?