Under the Dirt

Under the Dirt

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Liner Notes: 

I was watching Criminal Minds and this idea came. Thinking of Maddie doing it if she can.


Under the Dirt
© 2019 Cindy Prince

They're bodies are there
Down in the ground
No one knows where
They can never be found

Their deaths are a mystery
Their graves are unmarked
You just might hear them
When it's deadly dark

Under the dirt
Their bodies lie
Someone somewhere
Is asking why
They never
Got to say goodbye


They all disappeared
One at a time
No one knew the connection
Their lives didn't rhyme

Perhaps in a dream
They will whisper to you
But you'll never find them
No matter what you do

Repeat chorus

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Where is Maddie when you need her Smile I love this darker style lyric of yours - excellent

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She said she might be able to do it right before the end of this