Pocket Full of Bones

Pocket Full of Bones

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Liner Notes: 

Bit rushed because I'm off on holiday, but here's one more!


well I’ve made a connection (connection)
my reflection and my health
I look into the mirror (the mirror)
and I only see myself

I’ve killed my doppelgangers
murdered all my clones
I’ve got blood all down my trousers
and a pocket full of bones
and I’ve never
no I’ve never
felt more alone

I made sure there were no traces (no traces)
I stared into the light
but I still see their faces (their faces)
when I lay down at night


in a frame over the fireplace
“there is only one of you”
for the sake of my immortal soul
I pray that isn’t true

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love this unique lyric, so well written, and the music is what new wave used to be about when it was fresh. The repeated words and multiple voices fit well with the theme, and sound great in themselves.

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Well that's fun. I love the synths and the bvox. The lyric is weirdly beautiful to read while the intro unspools. I can't really connect all the dots, but I'm not a dot-connecting kind of guy. I prefer things steeped in dark mystery, especially when the music is so light and lively

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Yes its a really cool lyric, interesting concept and it flows so well. Musically its very full and melodic, really enjoyable.

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This is great. The interplay btw guitars and synths and a song with bones is always a catch. Mishearding the doppelgangers for a couple of canyons also made my afternoon.