Baking Day Blues

Baking Day Blues

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Liner Notes: 

You're a brilliant songwriter, Cindy. This song is so much fun!



Bakin' Day Blues
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Wake up with the roosters
Even before my man
The time's come round
It's bakin' day again

My hands move like lightnin'
No time to sit and spin
Seems like it's that time
It's bakin' day again

I got cakes, I got pies
I got breads on the rise
I got cookies, I got custard
And I'm a tellin' you it takes muster
Do you got any energy I can use?
Cause darlin' I got the bakin' day blues

Buns, muffins, brownies too
Is it any wonder I got the blues?

I'm also cookin' meals
Need at least two more hands
Cause it takes effort
It's bakin' day again

Repeat chorus

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yup i remember these lyrics nice . A bit bluesy eh! got the harmonica going! fun! cant fail with the blues

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Fantastic! Just what I wanted. Love the harmonica and that bluesy music..You get an A+!

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Baking Day Blues! Love it. The harmonica is icing on the cake. LOL Now my mouth is watering...

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Not a baker, so EVERY day of baking would be a blues day for me. Great classic blues job on this--nice vocal to interpret Cindy's always wonderful lyrics. Good job!