In The Here And Now

In The Here And Now

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Liner Notes: 

While Louise was on the phone, I used the time to make this up using the same DADF#AD tuning again!

Three guitars panned across the stereo field, as are the bongos, egg shakers, and the return of the knitting needles, which have a different tone and feel to the alternative of using a triangle on this song in my opinion.

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This is awesome! It feels happy and all your choices for instruments are great!

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Very cool - I like this a lot. It has a "Friends" feel to it (from Led Zeppelin III) so I reckon you're definitely getting on well with that tuning!

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Very nice soft blues! Shows what a great difference a shaker can make, it hold everything else together. Nice track

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This is so complex, both upbeat, thanks to the happy sound of shakers, and tinged with darkness due to the dropped tuning. Real enjoyable ride this song is!