Rattlesnake Wasteland

Rattlesnake Wasteland

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Liner Notes: 

this is the tite song for my sixth and final album culled from this years 50 90. ive got about four songs left in me. , this comes from a time whn i lived in richland washingtonm where one could either work in the hanford nuclear plant or the potato factory. i chose the latter and worked on the assembly line picking out the bad french fries from midnight to 8 AM. the factory was about half a mile from the edge of town, and i had to walk through a rattlesnake infested no mans land to get there, this has become something of a metaphor for my life.


I could be slicing sand
With malibu girls at sunset
Or beating a confessio out of a guy
Just to dance on the guts he spills

But Im looking across a rattlesnake wasteland
That stands between me and the black hills

Theyve been busy since 1776
With their social experiments
Bringing in people from all kinds of places
Inciting and manipulating wars between the races
They ran a railroad through a burial ground
Electrocuted children on a merry go round
Yeah the United States is an experiment
On how to run a one world government

I could be dancig all night
with the Saturday girls in georgetown
Or rocking with Johnny
At the fish house on the pier

But Im looking across a rattlesnake wasteland
That stands between me and the black hills

Theyll shove it up your ass and down your throat
Theyre the ones who decide who will get your vote
They tell you the words yu can and cannot use
Who you gotta kiss up to and who you can abuse
The run the dope they sell the guns
They drink the blood of your first born sons
They know what you think before you think it
Put words in your mouth and then they sync it

I could be taking down fences
And burning barnyards
Robbing trains
Or hanging them that rob them

But Im looking across a rattlesnake wasteland
That stands between me and the black hills

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Wow! What a song Bill! Your vocals are so powerful and this writing! It immediately brought to mind where I live now. When they built the railroad that used to be here, they ran across a Native American burial ground. What did they do? Dug them up and threw the bones in the river. Anyhow, this is such a strong song!

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I read the lyrics first on this one. They are very powerful. It paints a pretty bleak picture. Rattlesnake wasteland is a great line, thought, title or metaphor. Delivery is right where it needs to be, sort of edgy angryish acceptance.

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Nice work if you can get it. The hero always gets but two choices and ultimately a song out of it.

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intense stuff.... you clearly have alot of story to tell here. Musically works well with this lyrick kind of an alternate, even more bleak 'springsteen/nebraska' vibe ?

I'm wondering if maybe it'd be more effective to take one of the incidents you're referencing and just tell that story by itself.